Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your minimum for custom designs?

A: It depends on the product but for our most popular item – decals – the minimum is 250 pieces. For magnets the minimum is 125 pieces.

Q: Are there any art or set-up charges?

A: Usually not, unless the design is extremely complicated.

Q: What is your turn-around time for custom designs?

A: About two weeks after art approval. If we can get your finished products to you sooner without sacrificing quality, we will!

Q: How do I submit a logo?

A: The best way to send us your logo – or any bits and pieces you would like us to work with – is to email us at If you have a very large art file, share a Dropbox link with us!

Q: I would like to carry your stock designs in my store. What do I do?

A: Call us at (800) 650-3876 or email and we will set you up!

Q: I’m only looking for a couple decals. Can you still help?

A: Of course! Call or email and we will send you in the right direction.

Q: How do I apply my decal?

A: Our decals are a vinyl product with a peel-and-stick application. (No, you do not need to soak them in water before applying!) If you have one of our pro-cut designs, slowly remove the BACKING paper first – you want the decal to stay on the pre-mask. Carefully apply the decal to your car, window, water bottle, etc. and press firmly, then pull the pre-mask away at an angle.

Q: Do you print anything besides decals?

A: YES! We are adding new product ideas all the time. Oversized magnets, shot glasses, embroidered hats, pins, snow globes – we love to help you find creative ways to mark your territory!